The Big Game – February Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

As any long time readers know, I usually spend much of my February update complaining about the awful February weather. Except, this February was beautiful. So, with the pressure of trying to find something new to talk about, I’m going outside of my comfort zone to talk about sports… sort of.

While it’s not particularly my thing, you can’t really be in the world anywhere in February and not be barraged with hype for The Big Game! And whatever your feelings about professional sports, you can’t deny that play is a vital part of any mammal’s life, whether it’s athletes, kids, dogs, or cats. The chance for vigorous physical activity is a necessity, and it’s something we wholeheartedly embrace here at the sanctuary.

The dog side of the sanctuary features some world class athletes. Juno is known for her uncommon high flying grace during flirt pole time. And Champion is an absolute champ at intense but controlled games of tug. And for those who prefer action packed indoor games, Cole is our reigning king of busy box destruction.

Juno stays active chasing after her “prey” (her flirt pole!)
Champion is a champ at playtime!
Cole surrounds himself with his favorite stuffed toys

While cats have a reputation for being lazy, that is not the case at all at the sanctuary. The doubles team of Meringue and Marshmallow dominate at teaser toy play. And while Wallace and Totti aren’t much for interactive play with humans yet, they run the court (or hallway) with catnip toys. Then there’s Lucky and Linus, who, while being very particular of their preferred play surface (Lucky on his fabric stairs and Linus in his tree tunnel), are always up for some crazy play time. And any talk of play would be incomplete with mentioning senior superstar Rosie and young up and comer Penny.

Linus prefers to be up high for play time!
Palmer checking out a plethora of toy options!
Ralph debates – is it play time, or nap time…?

Sweet Talk

Hi Everyone!

In addition to being beautiful, we know lots of stuff. And not just Meringue’s adorable paw clap trick. We want to tell you about the benefits of play with your dogs and cats. It has numerous physical benefits, like helping your pets maintain a healthy weight, good muscle tone, and good flexibility, and it can have many of those same benefits for the humans. Similarly, physical activity, especially in novel forms and places, has been shown to help reduce age related cognition loss in both people and animals. And what good would a healthy body and a healthy mind be without a healthy spirit. Human-animal partners who have healthy play habits also have a stronger bond and are less likely to experience the kind of behavioral challenges that can lead to the loss of a home. For all of these reasons and more, play is a big part of our plans for all of the animals at the sanctuary. So book your visit to come for by for some vigorous play time at the sanctuary today!!

See you soon!

Meringue and Marshmallow

Winter always tends to be a slow time for adoptions, and this year was no exception. We had no cats or dogs go home in February, but the dog team did welcome in our newest little sweetheart, Angel.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director

[email protected]