Summer Fun – June Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

It’s definitely summertime now!! Time to get out and about on big summertime adventures. That’s just as true here at the sanctuary as it is in your homes. The dogs and the cats in our care love their outdoor time, whether it’s dogs heading out and about in the world or cats getting time in their special play yard. It’s that time of year when world is full of opportunity for fun in the sun. It’s also the time of year for me to endlessly complain about the heat. So, as I do each summer, I’m going to sit out my usual wordiness and just let these pictures tell the story of summer for the sanctuary pets. Enjoy!

Beautiful Brookie is all smiles for the start of her favorite season
Captain Crunch in his natural habitat
Neo is the star of our neighborhood dairy bar
Wavy Gravy has found a nice shady spot in Serenity play yard
New gal Frankie loves nothing more than a good lap in the sun
Ralph looks rather peaceful out on his catio
Goofy girl Angel will never turn down the chance for a dip in the pool
Rudy is getting out and about on these sunny days
Fashionista Miel knows how to keep cool in style
Orion looks ready for a catnap out on his catio on a warm day
Bootz loves her weekly field trips to the park with her friend David
Jaxon shows off his silly side on a sunny day
You won’t see Missy turning down an ice cream on a hot day!
Stewart takes warm and cozy to a new level!
Hank is as happy as a clam while sunning himself in the play yard
Ozzie resting like a king upon his sunny throne
Gidget loves nothing more than relaxing outdoors with a friend
Sammie excels at napping wherever he sees fit
Juno has fun exploring by the water on her field trips to Rankin Preserve

Given that this is a photo heavy edition of the monthly update, it’s the perfect opportunity to send out a big thank you to the creative genius behind the visuals of these updates, Courtney Schramm. On top of being an awesome dog caregiver, Courtney turns my thematic whims into beautiful visuals for you all each month. Every picture and background you see here, this month and every month, was sourced, captioned, and arranged by Courtney. It’s a huge help and I greatly appreciate her work. Thanks, Courtney!

Rosie’s Roundup

Hi Everyone!

Jon may be taking it easy this month, but I still have lots to say. And it’s all a big thank you. Our fiscal year ends with June, and it’s a good time to look back at all of the support you’ve given us over the past year. Here at the sanctuary, our wish list supply drives were all big successes, from Feed the Beasts last fall, to spring’s Lion and Lamb promotion, and the current Small Animal Housewarming drive. Your generosity to keep all the critters here well fed and cared for has been overwhelming. As well, organization-wide efforts, like the recent Help Them Heal event, have been wildly successful, and keep all of the great work done throughout our various teams racing forward. And beyond financial contributions, the time our volunteers give is the foundation for all we do and makes this all possible. So as our accounting team makes their final calculations for the 2023/2024 year, just know that the bottom line is that we are so grateful to you all for making this idea a reality. Now get out and enjoy some summer fun!

See you soon!


And of Course…Adoptions!!

June was yet another busy month on the cat side of the sanctuary. A wave of cuteness flowed out of here, with Cannoli, Teddy Winkles, Aladdin, Count Maxwell, and Zoey all going home. That made room for Sushi, Posey, and Zatanna to arrive and for Niles to return to us. On the dog side, tiny ball of sweetness Frankie arrived to charm all of the dog staff and volunteers.

Welcome, Sushi!
Welcome, Posy!
Welcome, Zatanna!
Welcome back, Niles!
Welcome, Frankie!
Good luck, Cannoli, now Rosie!
Good luck, Teddi Winkles!
Good luck, Aladdin!
Good luck, Count Maxwell, now Marbles!
Good luck, Zoey!

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director

[email protected]

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