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Sanctuary Arrival Date

April 2024

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Smokey sadly lost her previous owner when he passed away, which left Smokey nowhere to go. Our Companions was contacted for assistance and we welcomed Smokey in April, estimated to be around 8-10 years old. Smokey was very fearful of this big change, but with patience, love, and care, she slowly started to come out of hiding for a few of her friends for pets and attention. Smokey underwent some dental work where the vet discovered a protrusion on her gum and we moved forward with a bone biopsy to further investigate to find out more. The biopsy results came back as Mandibular Osteoma, which is a benign tumor and very rare in cats. Though it is benign, it can still grow and cause increased inflammation and pain. Options are to monitor the growth and provide medication to assist with inflammation and discomfort.

We decided to seek an appointment with a specialist in veterinary dentistry to consider Smokey’s eligibility of removing the growth. Thankfully, Smokey was eligible and we moved forward with the surgery. Removal of the growth was successful and Smokey has slowly, but surely, recovering from the surgery. Her appetite has been improving and her bonds with her Sanctuary friends have started to strengthen. She’s been purring up a storm and absolutely loves pets and affection!