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Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2024

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Posy was originally adopted as a kitten from a shelter by a lovely family. After a few years, issues between her feline sibling began to arise, but they learned how to cohabitate. The family decided to expand their family and welcomed a human child to their home. Though the child loved Posy, Posy didn’t feel the same way and would often get defensive about her space and home. The family made the difficult decision to rehome 7 year old Posy to a more suitable home where both Posy and the toddler can live safely and happily. She was then welcomed to our Sanctuary in June of 2024. Posy was also diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus and takes medication twice a day. Her family has shared with us a few of Posy’s likes and dislikes, and we look forward to helping her feel safe and comfortable during her stay with us.