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Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2023

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Samara is a Dilute Calico whose elderly owner suddenly passed away with no close family or friends to take her. She was kept in a large carrier over the weekend while the owner’s community teamed together to care for Samara and search for a place for her to go. Our Companions was contacted and we welcomed Samara to our Sanctuary in August of 2023 at the age of 12.

Samara loves hanging out with people, being pet and sitting on laps. One of her favorite things is being brushed on her cheeks and she’ll purr up a storm. Her appetite has taken a bit of a dip recently, so staff has been trying different foods with her to see what she may like. She is on medication for her bowel movements, so we want to make sure she is eating consistently. She loves hanging out on her catio even in the cold weather! The team have also been trying different toys that perk her interest to see what she might like. It’s been great to see this senior gal play and have fun! We can’t wait to find a her home and a special person that she can shower with love!