Safe Space – January Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

Here we are, with the rest of 2024 laid out ahead of us. However, if you’re like many people, that thought fills you with as much apprehension and worry as it does optimism and hope. There are always problems and strife in the world, and lots of reasons to feel some dread of what’s to come. But somehow, all of that feels more magnified than ever right now. But we here in the Our Companions Family are lucky. Much like the animals we care for, we have a safe harbor at the sanctuary. It’s a place of calm, kindness, and purpose that can provide shelter in the storm for us all.

It all starts with the animals. At the very core of Our Companions is providing healing through peace and calm for special dogs and cats who have no other options. For all of the dogs and cats here, the storms of life churned up by a flawed world had caught them up and left them with little hope. But luckily, we had the opportunity to step in and bring them in from the cold. Two prime examples of this are Scout and Milton.

Scout dons a cozy cap from his friend Val to help cover his injured ear

Scout was a stray taken in off the streets by animal control. However, his was not a simple case of finding a good home for a great dog in need. Scout had some serious health concerns that just became more daunting as they were explored further. Right away, it was noticed that he had a problematic wound on his face, possibly the result of an altercation with another animal. The wound was slow and difficult to heal, and he began having repeated ear infection issues as well. Added into these concerns was that he was rambunctious and very independent-minded, as would make sense for a dog who had to care for himself for some time. Somewhere along the way, Scout was caught up in a tumult of misfortune, but dogs like Scout are why we exist. Over the years he’s been with us, we shepherded him through extensive medical care, including a surgery to remove most of his inner ear, and patiently worked with him to help him understand the joys of partnering with a caring human. We provided him with a peaceful place to heal, and today Scout is a healthy and happy snuggler and our primary “greeter dog,” charming adults and children alike who come to visit us.

Scout went from stray on the streets to happy-go-lucky adventure buddy

Milton cuddles up for a nice brushing in the sunshine

Milton, as well, was found alone and without a home. However, that wasn’t his only trouble. Milton is blind, has difficulty hearing, and suffers from some orthopedic pain that makes him anything but the picture of feline grace. How a sweet, loving guy in need of so much care found himself on his own, we’ll never know. But providing him safe harbor to rest and be treated with the adoration he deserves has been a joy. Today, he gets around his fancy corner apartment with the assistance of carefully placed carpets, stairs, and ramps. And he will repay that comfort with all the snuggles you could ask for.

Milton’s room provides a comfy and safe sanctuary for our blind buddy

Cider loves all things cozy and soft!
Angel’s favorite place is right next to her best friends
Louis and Pearl snuggle up to their buddy Clyde for a perfect selfie
Miel has a small circle of friends, but she believes in quality over quantity

So, as we work to make the slings and arrows of canine and feline misfortune a distant memory for our residents, we hope that you also will find your time at Our Companions to be a welcome respite from the cares of the world outside. The picturesque natural scenery, the soft and cozy indoor environment, and a loving furball to share it with, are a sure recipe for centering and calm. There’s lots of healing to go around here, so we hope that, as you spend your time here, you get to soak up as much as you give out.

Milo is discovering just how fun it is to be a dog here at the sanctuary
Shazam has found it difficult to connect with humans, but he has come a long way!

Rosie’s Roundup

Hi Everyone!

As busy as last year was, it’s not over yet! Over the rest of this year, there are more moves and changes coming for the dog cottages, more progress with the Healing Center, and the beginnings of our work with small mammals, as well as much more, coming down the road. If you ever catch Jon and I napping on the couch in his office, you’ll know why! With so much going on and so much more to come, we’re depending on our volunteers more than ever. Every hour you spend here means the world to making our mission a success. We so appreciate your time and hope to see lots more of you over the course of 2024!

See you soon!


And of Course…Adoptions!!

2024 is off to a busy start! Our “unique” looking pair, Louis and Pearl headed home this month, as did handsome Dewey. Arriving to become part of the family in January were Teddi Winkles and Sammy.

Welcome, Teddi Winkles!
Welcome, Sammie!
Good luck, Dewey!
Good luck, Louis & Pearl!

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director

[email protected]


  1. SANDY HALL on February 13, 2024 at 11:43 am

    We are taking classes with Deanna and Peyton in Manchester. They are beyond wonderful, and love our puppy “Winnie”. We love all of the info with photos which you send us. It is so well done….the wording, and the quality of the photos. The new Lab Shepard cross whom you are now working with is a dog we would have adopted if we had not adopted puppy “Winnie”. You folks do great things!!!!!!