Reuben 100423 (3)


Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2023

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Reuben was diagnosed with diabetes about three years ago and hadn’t received treatment for his condition. Additionally, he has a history of UTIs, potty accidents, and some tenderness/pain in his hip area, which might be the cause of some arthritis. He comes to us after his previous owner sadly passed away and family members were unable to keep him. He arrived to our Sanctuary at around 12 years old to receive the care he desperately needs.

Current Status:

Reuben has been doing very well here with us and absolutely loves people and attention. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he came to us and is on a pill type of medication for it rather than insulin shots. To monitor how the medication is working for him, a glucose monitor was inserted on his side. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it and has been really active and eating really well!