Milton 112123b


Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2023

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Background Story:

Milton was found as a stray cat wandering the streets of Middletown, bumping into things. He was picked up by an Animal Control Officer where it was found he had cataracts in both eyes and is fully blind. Given his special needs and care, Our Companions welcomed Milton to our Sanctuary in 2023, estimated to be around 11 years old.

There was definitely a learning curve for Milton when he first moved into his room at the Sanctuary and being able to recognize his surroundings fully blind. Our Cat Team makes sure everything is put into the same place as before when cleaning his room so Milton can better navigate around his stairs, food/water, and scratching post. He absolutely loves when his friends visit him and he’ll snuggle up right next to you on the couch. With just a few pets, Milton will start purring up a storm- and even slightly drool from being so happy! He also enjoys being pet and surprisingly loves to play with toys that make sounds, like balls with a bell inside or crinkle toys. He especially loves his catnip plant he gets to chew and rub on! When alone, he will slowly find his way to his window perch in the sun and soak up the warmth. To help him relax when alone, staff even included an Alexa speaker to play soothing music in his room. We can’t wait to find a relaxing, quiet home for Milton to continue his golden years with a special person or two!

Adoption Info:

Meet magnificent Milton! This sweet and gentle guy is hoping to meet a special person and home where he can be loved and love someone in return! Milton is blind in both eyes, but that doesn’t slow him down from giving out lots of snuggles, lap naps and cuddly head-butts to anyone he meets! This 11 year old enjoys cheek rubs, sleeping in the sun, and toys that make noise so he knows where he can catch them! Milton is FIV positive, however cats with FIV can still live long, normal healthy lives. Milton would thrive in a quiet, calm home where he is the only furbaby and can receive the special love and care he rightfully deserves! To learn more about this kind soul, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].

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