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Sanctuary Arrival Date

October 2022

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After only a few months old, Penny was adopted by a family that fell in love with her, as she was the “runt” of the litter. She had a health scare of vomiting and being lethargic so they brought her to the vet. There she was severely dehydrated and diagnosed with a rare electrolyte disorder preventing her from drinking water on her own. They placed an esophageal feeding tube to help aid her water intake. Heartbroken, the family felt that they weren’t able to continue with her high care needs, and decided to rehome her and she was welcomed to the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Penny is doing wonderful! She had her feeding tube taken out a while ago and we had to administer sub q fluids at least once daily for a few weeks. She has recently started drinking on her own from a bowl, so she no longer needs the sub q fluids as often which is great. She still has a ton of energy and is constantly playing and has plenty of space to explore. Penny has stolen many hearts and we are so happy to see her drinking on her own.