Neighbors In Need

Everyone deserves the love and companionship of a pet, but with prices increasing everywhere, it can be challenging to cover the costs of pet care, especially for senior pets or those with specific diets. Therefore, we’re launching a Neighbors in Need gift card drive for the month of November to help seniors and those with low-income with basic pet care, like food and supplements for their pets. By purchasing a Chewy gift card for our Neighbors in Need fundraiser, we can help allocate specific diet needs directly to pet owners to help them this holiday season!

For example, it’s common for older cats to develop kidney disease where their kidneys no longer function properly. There is no treatment or medication to resolve this unfortunate disease, but a proper prescription diet can help prevent the progression of the disease. This prescription food can be quite costly, but with your support, you can give the gift of this crucial food to a neighbor in need and help a cat feel healthy and happy! By helping cover the cost of one batch of food, it can give pet owners the opportunity to budget for the next batch of food for their pets. Similarly, a senior dog would significantly benefit from joint supplements in their diet to help with mobility. Providing a bag of joint supplements can make all the difference for a pet’s physical wellbeing. Your participation can make a profound impact in a pet’s life, as well as their families. 

You can visit the Chewy website by clicking here and all gift cards can be sent to [email protected]. With your generosity, you’ll be directly helping pets in your community and helping seniors and those in need have a greater chance at continuing their care. Thank you for your care and support!