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Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2023

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Mojito is a senior tabby that sadly lost her owner when they passed away. She lived with two other cats in her previous home, however she did not get along with them and prefers to be the only queen of the castle. There were no friends or family that could take her in, therefore she arrived at our Sanctuary in August of 2023 at 13 years old.

Current Status:

Mojito is settling in here at the Sanctuary, but still needs some time to adjust. She has been eating wet and dry food here, which is good, and she seems comfortable enough with people around her. She started coming out and rubbing on people relatively quickly, but then had some nipping/swatting incidents where she seemed to be overstimulating herself. Staff has been doing a lot of playtime with her and not so much snuggling right now to help her have more positive interactions with people while she’s still getting used to the Sanctuary.