May’s Low Cost Pop-up Wellness Clinic

We had another wonderful pop-up clinic event at our Valerie Friedman Program Center in Manchester this past May! A big thank you to Dr. Nasser and her vet tech Jen from Bolton Veterinary Hospital, and of course our dedicated volunteers for helping with a successful day! We had three dog exams and eight cat/kitten exams which included everyone getting up-to-date on vaccinations. A few clients also received prescriptions for heartworm and flea/tick preventatives and one prescription for tapeworms.

We will also be conducting follow-up appointments for cat dentals, blood work, and a future spay for the youngest kitten client! Only one cat client was too elusive to get in her carrier that morning, but we were still able to see her cat sister and get her scheduled with our next wellness clinic in July! We even had a joyful reunion when we saw Shelby Jade! Shelby is a 7 year old dog that came to Our Companions for training as a puppy. Coincidentally the Canine College Head Trainer that was in Shelby’s class was also helping out that day at the clinic! What a sweet reunion!

Our dog clients received enrichment toys called “snuffle balls” made by one of our outstanding volunteers and dog trainer, Beth Vincent! Not only did the pet parents get to learn about enrichment activities and take home their new toys, but the dogs got to play with their snuffle ball while they were waiting for their appointments. No scary waiting areas here!

In fact, even our volunteers got some entertainment with a 2 year old dog named Luna, who knew some great tricks! When Luna’s mom would start singing “Happy Birthday”, Luna would stand on her hind legs and dance around in a circle! She also knew how to play the game “hide and seek” and would stand up facing the wall with her front legs on the wall! Our cat and kitten clients also received fun toys to take home and our youngest kitty client went home with a scratching board tent too!

It’s always incredibly rewarding when we can provide accessible wellness care to these lovely pets at a low cost for their pet parents! Dr. Nassar and Jen said everyone behaved wonderfully for their exams as well! We are so grateful to be able to help keep our community pets healthy, address any medical concerns, and have fun all in the same day!