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Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2022

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Marshmallow is a white 7-8 month old kitten that was dropped off at our Program Center with one other kitten and their papa cat. They were brought to Manchester animal control where they realized one kitten, Meringue, and the papa cat, Reddi-Wip, needed Entropion eyelid surgery. Once their surgeries were complete they were brought to the Sanctuary in September of 2022.

Current Status:

Marshmallow has been great with interacting with people along with her sister, so staff has started some clicker work with them. Meringue has her own little trick of “clapping” her front paws, so staff is trying to get Marshmallow on the same page! She watches her sister and is picking up on sitting up like a meerkat and touching our hand with her paw. Soon enough she’ll be copying her sister’s adorable trick!