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Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2024

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Louise and her sister Thelma sadly lost their owner passed away in December of 2023. A neighbor started to care for the pair while they lived in the home alone. Along with the neighbor and vet, they teamed up to try and find a home for Thelma and Louise, but had no such luck. Eventually Our Companions was contacted about helping these sisters and we welcomed the two girls to our Sanctuary in May of 2024 at the age of 13 years old. The sisters were a bit shy and nervous at first, but have warmed up to their new friends once they acclimated to their quiet environment. They look very similar, but Louise has more greenish eyes and Thelma has more yellowish eyes. They are the perfect mix of independent, but also appreciate affection and attention too. Even at 13 years old, they are in great health and ready to find a home together where they can continue being loved and cherished!