Feed The Beasts 2020 Winner!

Our Feed The Beasts Challenge truly puts the ultimate rival to the test- Cats vs. Dogs! Whether you recognize as a cat person or dog person, our Feed The Beasts Challenge is a time to say it loud and proud! The name of the game- two Amazon wish lists, one for the cats and one for the dogs. Over the course of the month, whichever wish list has the highest dollar amount at the end wins Superior Species at the Sanctuary and a whole year to gloat!

These Amazon wish lists are filled with crucial food, supplements, and supplies for our Sanctuary guests. Many of our guests are on strict diets or important supplements to help with digestion, joint support, allergies, organ function, and more. These specialty diets can be costly, but it’s crucial to their health and well-being, and overall happiness! Once purchased, the items get sent directly to the Sanctuary all from the comforts of your own home!

Our first year of the challenge was won by the dogs! This win was achieved by only $5 from a last minute purchase before midnight! Last year, the cats came back with a vengeance and took the crown as Superior Species at the Sanctuary by over $1,000! With a win under both of their belts, this year’s win would break the tie!

After several packages and meticulous counting, the winner is….THE CATS! The cats just couldn’t fathom the dogs taking back the crown, especially after working so hard last year to win! Congrats to the cats on being the reigning champs and continuing to be Superior Species at the Sanctuary! Though the cats won, everyone is a winner thanks to your amazing generosity! We raised over $8,500 worth of food, supplements, and supplies for our awesome guests at the Sanctuary! We can’t thank you enough for your incredible generosity!

Stay tuned for next year…