Featured Pets: Lucky and Niles

Though both found as strays on the streets of Connecticut, Lucky and Niles had quite a journey prior to finding each other at our Sanctuary. During a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) project, Lucky was brought into the vet to be neutered and planned to be returned outside. However, Lucky must have lived amongst people at some point in his life and was very social to his new human friends at the clinic. Born without one ear and the other notched from the neuter, it was determined that this unique-looking guy could be rescued and taken off the streets. Lucky was eventually brought to our Sanctuary where he quickly made friends with volunteers and staff. He was quiet and kind, but every so often would show his fun-loving, feisty side amongst his human and cat friends. He was always the best cat to help socialize kittens given his sweet, laidback nature.

Seeing how social he was, he was adopted out to a family with other cats and a dog. Over time, personalities were clashing between Lucky and one of the cats in the home. The conflict proved to be too much for the multi-pet household and it was determined that the home couldn’t be saved. We gladly took Lucky back to the Sanctuary and knew that he needed the right personality to mesh well with his feline peers. Since then, Lucky has never quite found his perfect match. Whether it was the other pets in the home or not given the opportunity to thrive, Lucky stayed with us at the Sanctuary until we could find his absolute perfect family and home!

Then we heard about Niles, a kitten only a few months old with an eye condition causing him severe discomfort and irritation. There was a surgical attempt to resolve the issue, which unfortunately failed to do so. On top of that, Niles was very under-socialized given that he had little to no human contact during the most crucial time of his life. With his special needs, both physically and mentally, Niles made his way to our Ashford Sanctuary. With how great Lucky is with kittens, the pair lived in our social room at Jane’s Place. Though frightened and afraid, Niles immediately gravitated to Lucky and it was incredibly adorable seeing his admiration for his new found “big brother”. Lucky took Niles under his wing- they played, wrestled, groomed each other, and cuddled.

To help Niles with his eye condition, he underwent a couple cryosurgeries, a treatment that freezes and stunts the growth of his eyelashes. With some improvement and with him growing older and more mature, he recently had corrective surgery to help resolve his eye condition in hopes to prevent further damage or discomfort. So far, the surgery has been quite successful and he now only requires lubricating eye drops to keep his eyes healthy and clean! To provide mental relief from the eye drops, as well as help with socializing him a bit more around humans, the cat team has been working on clicker training with Niles- and it’s one of his favorite activities! One major factor that helps is Lucky! Lucky has given Niles the confidence and companionship to help combat the adversaries of his medical care and his nervousness around people. In turn, Lucky also participates in clicker training and gives one of the best high-fives around!

Together Niles and Lucky have a beautiful “big brother, little brother” relationship! Given the loving bond and brotherhood these two have developed, we would love to find a home for them together! They would love to be your one and only furbabies in a quiet, adult only home! Besides administering eye drops, both cats are in excellent health and will greatly benefit from a home that have lots of love and patience! Lucky is FIV+, but cats with FIV can still live completely normal, health lives and life expectancies. With some compassion and patience, these two brothers will give you lots of laughs and the joy of caring for two of the sweetest boys around! To learn more, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].