At four years old, Vinnie has experienced quite a lot in such a short period of time. Still, this Rat Terrier has proved throughout everything, he’s one tough cookie with a heart of gold! In his previous home, Vinnie experienced a leg injury and ultimately his back leg was amputated. Given the responsibility and extensive recovery of his amputated leg, his previous family surrendered Vinnie to the vet hospital.

Due to his special case and care, Our Companions was then contacted and Vinnie arrived to the Sanctuary. Surprisingly, dogs adapt fairly well on three legs. Vinnie’s sole back leg was initially very weak since it was doing twice the work than usual, but having experience with “tripawds”, we knew slow and steady exercise will help him feel stronger and more agile. Though Vinnie came to us for more medical reasons, it was apparent there was a mental concern as well. He was having a very difficult time settling into his room, barking for extended periods of time when left alone, and constantly jumping on his only back leg. Not only were we worried about him overusing his only leg, but we were worried about his mental state as well. After much observation and discussion with our vet, Vinnie was diagnosed with separation anxiety disorder.

Once diagnosed, the team did extensive research about the panic disorder to better education themselves to help best manage Vinnie’s anxiety. Though his separation anxiety can’t be completely resolved, there’s certainly strategies and interventions to help manage it the best way we can. With medication, a great deal of exercise throughout the day, and predictable routine, Vinnie started to become less reactive when people would leave and found himself settling down and relaxing without people by his side.

Still, Vinnie loves being around his people! Whether it’s trekking through the trails or cuddling up on the couch, he enjoys having his people by his side! He’s very observant and always curious to see what his humans are up to! Even with three legs, he is quite the hiker and loves car rides! Someone that has time for Vinnie with an active lifestyle would be perfect for this sweetheart! He doesn’t mind saying hello to people or other dogs on leash, but would appreciate being the only four-legged (err…three-legged) friend in the home! If you think you can provide Vinnie the companionship, enrichment, and love he deserves, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email