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Adoption Update: Luna

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When Luna was found as a stray and brought to the city’s municipal shelter, it was clear that Luna was afraid of the world around her. Knowing that she needed socialization and confidence, she entered our Adopt-A-Shelter program to help give her some training in the shelter. Ultimately, Luna was invited to the Sanctuary to help give her the intensive mental rehabilitation she needed.

Initially, Luna had a difficult time being around people and unfamiliar noises. You would find her cowering in the corner, afraid to face the uncertainty of people and herself. We gave her plenty of time, space, and respect to allow her the opportunity to trust in us. As months rolled by, the small steps she would take were monumental. She inspired us to keep giving her the love and care she needed to help her gain confidence. As she trusted in us more, we offered her guidance through life’s obstacles and showed her that she didn’t have to be afraid of the unknown things in life. What we didn’t expect to happen was for her to be such a goof ball! As she gained more confidence and trust, she also showed us how silly, funny, and even outgoing, she was! It was amazing the progress she made and it was time for her to find her a home that could understand such a remarkable girl!

A family with a dog named King reached out to Our Companions and was interested in adopting Luna. They did a lot of training and research when they rescued King and were looking to adopt another furry family member, especially one that needed love and support. Luna was dog-social, but we weren’t too sure how she could handle living with another dog. We did several meetings between Luna and King both at the Sanctuary and at their home to see how they would do. At first, Luna was extremely excited at the thought of a brother! Thankfully, King was kind to Luna despite her playing the “annoying sister” role very well!

We weren’t too sure how the two could cohabitate, but over time, Luna once again proved to us that her transformation wasn’t over and she slowly learned to become familiar with new things in her life. Luna and King’s relationship flourished before our eyes and we knew this would be the home for her!

King gave Luna the extra confidence boost she needed to be her goofy, silly self in a world she once found so scary. She’s now completely infatuated with her family! She loves hanging out in the kids’ rooms and following them around the house. She’s been showing her goofy side more and more,just proving how comfortable and happy she is to be a part of a family. Luna has never been much of a leader, but she’s so very happy to be part of a team!