Featured Pet: Tucker

Before his time at the Sanctuary, Tucker was a chunky, happy family dog. His best friend was a teenager and he loved being the center of attention in his family’s eyes! Though he was a very enthusiastic, lovely dog, he also had his insecurities- just like us humans! He had his nervous moments and wasn’t too sure what to do with all of his excitability and self-doubt. One day, when left alone without his people, Tucker found himself in a bit of trouble. Though it was a difficult decision to say goodbye, his family decided to bring Tucker to Our Companions to give him a safe haven and a place to rehabilitate.

Upon arrival to the Sanctuary, it was very clear that Tucker was a big boy, but he was an even bigger baby! He bonded to staff very quickly and always wanted affection and attention! He loved being pet and especially loved cuddles on the couch! He was a total sweetheart, despite his “big man on campus” stature. As he settled into his new environment, his insecurities slowly came to the surface. When nervous and worrisome, it was clear he needed reassurance and guidance. Tucker was a very smart dog, he’s crate-trained and knew plenty of skills and commands, but what he needed the most was to learn to trust in his people.

Over time, Tucker learned that when in times of need, he could look towards his person to show him that everything would be okay! Though he excelled in all of our Canine College dog training classes on multiple levels, staff did extra training at the Sanctuary with paired walks with other dogs, field trips, and group walks! We were so impressed with his transformation and knew he would thrive in a home full of love, confidence, and compassion!

Though he’s truly grown throughout his time at the Sanctuary, he’s always remained the same lovable, cuddly boy we met when he first arrived. He’s wanted nothing more than a couch and a companion to share it with! At seven years old, Tucker has been searching for a home he can call his own. Upon meeting Tucker, his large dog demeanor might seem intimidating. But given some time (and maybe a few treats), you’ll see that he’s a ball of love and has a heart of gold. Given the opportunity, Tucker can be your best friend and could brighten any day with his smile!

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