Featured Pet: Sally

This tiny black and white dwarf rabbit was found as a stray, sleeping in a garage. The garage door didn’t fully close, which allowed the domestic rabbit to find shelter from the outside world. She was first found a week before Easter and a nearby neighbor was able to trap her and welcome Sally to her home. The Good Samaritan unfortunately knew she couldn’t keep sweet Sally, especially since she had a full house of cats and dogs, but wanted to foster Sally and help her find a home. She was aware of Our Companions’ Rehoming Program and contacted us to help with her search.

With our Veterinary Assistance Program, we were able to help provide financial assistance to have Sally vetted and spayed. She was estimated to be around a little over 6 months old and in great health. Despite her unknown past, Sally didn’t let that stop her from being very social and friendly to everyone she met! She will happily greet you to sniff you and say hello! She even has met her foster mom’s dogs and cats and they’ve booped noses while in her crate. She loves making new friends and can be quite cuddly too!

As she continued to heal and settle into her foster home, Sally truly thrived! She loved having a safe, warm place to play with her toys, have fun with her friends, and will happily hop around to show her excitement! She loves pets and makes the cutest noises to tell you she’s a happy girl! Her personality has been unfolding in such a short time, we can’t wait to find a home for Sally where she can continue to thrive and live a fulfilling life!

Given her social, friendly personality, Sally would really appreciate a home that can give her lots of attention and human interaction. She is young and thoroughly enjoys toys, foraging boxes, and food enrichment activities. She makes the most hilarious sounds when she’s crunching on yummy food! Sally has a signature move where she races around the room, then eventually flops to her side and does a big stretch! Lots of space for Sally to run, hop, and have “binkies”, would make Sally an enormously happy lady!

If you’re seeking an adorable girl to bring lots of laughter and happiness in your life, you need to meet sweetheart Sally! To learn more, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].