If you’re looking for a dog to rock your world, than Roxi the rock star is the dog for you! This young pup has had quite the transformation, both inside and out, during her stay at the Sanctuary!
Roxi’s story began when she was dropped off and abandoned in a family’s back yard when she was only just a few week old puppy. The family happily took in this girl who was in desperate need. It was at this time they discovered she had mange and severe skin irritations. As they were helping Roxi get better, they also realized that their youngest son became allergic to Roxi and her skin issues were contributing to his asthma. Looking for a place to take care of a special little girl, her family contacted Our Companions, which led to her arrival at the Sanctuary.

Being one of the youngest dogs taken in at the Sanctuary, Roxi certainly showed off her puppy energy and had a bit of a rebel streak! Yet, all young rock stars seem to go through a rebel streak at some point! We helped Roxi release her pent up energy with plenty of exercise and mental enrichment- having her work both her body and mind. Roxi also never received any type of formal training prior to her arrival, therefore we helped Roxi go through both level one and two of our dog training classes. Roxi is currently being a star student in our tricks class, showing off her intelligence and enthusiasm to learn! As time went on, Roxi went from a rebellious teen to a mature young lady, full of youth and adventure that we know and love today!

As we were helping Roxi transform her inner-self, she was still experiencing skin flare-ups and irritations. With careful monitoring and management, we realized that the main source of her skin issues were food-related. With our amazing resources, we were able to provide Roxi a special diet that resolved the serious issues she was experiencing. With Roxi now in a stable physical state, Sanctuary staff has been diligently conducting a food trial to see what certain foods cause her skin to react and flare-up. So far, turkey seems to be the most tolerated which is great since it is healthy and easily accessible!

With patience and continued training, Roxi will light up your life with her contagious smile and personality! Roxi would love to be the only dog in your family so she can get plenty of attention and playtime! She is now two years old, around 50lbs, and is crate-trained. To learn more about this rock star, please email Daryl@OurCompanions.org or call 860-242-9999, ext. 302.