A Tribute to Atlas

For anyone that’s had the pleasure of meeting Atlas knows that he was truly an exceptional boy. From being found on the streets of Florida with some burn marks, he already proved to us then and there that he was a survivor. Atlas made his way to Connecticut and eventually became a part of the OC family. With a series of serious medical issues, he was one of the lucky dogs to move in at the Sanctuary. Yet, we believe we were the lucky ones to have been a part of such a special life.

There were a lot of ups and downs with Atlas’s health, and there were many times staff were left with more questions than answers. Throughout everything, Atlas always had the biggest smile on his face. He was the gentlest, patient, and most loving dog that deserved the world and more. Yet, Atlas was the type of dog to be simply happy with a belly full of food and a comfy couch to snooze on!

Both OC staff and Sanctuary dog volunteers worked together to help our boy feel healthy and loved during the two years he was at the Sanctuary. Atlas’s perseverance and tenacity to fight each health battle gave us hope and motivation to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

That light finally came when he went on a “permanent sleepover” with our vet. She knew Atlas very well and his extensive medical needs. Being with a loving family in a stable home filled the last piece of the puzzle for this love bug.

During his time at the Sanctuary, Atlas was never short on friends, adventures, or naps! Atlas always had a smile on his face and never failed to put a smile on anyone he met!

Over the past two years, Atlas helped us celebrate many holidays and was the perfect model for all of our photo shoots! Though the news of his passing wasn’t easy, knowing that he spent his last few months in a home with a family that loved him dearly brings a special kind of comfort to our hearts.

Thankfully, his family wanted to honor the life of Atlas with his OC family. We held a small ceremony at the Sanctuary where friends and family shared memories and laughs we had with this gentle giant. One by one we spread his ashes over the pond where he’ll always be a part of the Sanctuary, the organization, and our mission to help those in need.