Featured Pet: Princess

Walking around on the streets of Bali, a Good Samaritan found a young dog on the brink of death. The dog was emaciated; underweight and practically just skin and bones. It was clear that this dog wasn’t owned by anyone and lived among the streets, barely keeping alive with the little food and shelter she could find. The woman started to follow the dog, calling her over with food and positive praise. With some help, they were able to trap the dog in a net and bring her to the local vet clinic.

Just some food, a safe place to sleep, and care shown by the people around her, it was already the start of this girl’s transformation. The woman decided to name her Putri, which means Princess in Balinese. They knew that from this day forth that she would only be treated like the princess that she is! After an evaluation, they realized that her head shake was due to having distemper while out on the streets. They gave her medication and lots of yummy food, which was certainly helping Princess feel immensely better. Though after time, it was clear this Bali Heritage dog needed a home to further help heal the physical and mental wounds she had experienced. The Good Samaritan knew she couldn’t just leave her and gladly took her home to continue Princess’s rehabilitation.

As she arrived home with this special girl, the foster mom brought her to the back yard, but as quickly as she arrived, she disappeared! After searching for her, the foster mom found Princess hiding in her bushes, a place where she felt safe in an unfamiliar world. The woman realized that it would take some time for Princess to feel comfortable with her and her home. She felt bad for leaving her in the bushes, but would closely watch Princess from her home as she would cautiously leave the bushes to eat her meals nearby. Every day Princess’s foster mom would sit by the bushes, telling Princess how lovely she is, and letting her know that she is now safe. She would encourage Princess to come out, which Princess slowly consented and would eat out of her hand. It seemed that each day was a small success in a very long journey of building trust!

One thing that her foster mom wasn’t expecting was how great Princess got along with her other dogs! She would watch as Princess made friends with her dogs and learned how to “be a dog”, like running around playing tag, rolling around in the mud, or even asking for belly rubs! With the confidence of her doggy friends, Princess even began to come inside the home! Her foster mom retells the first time she laid down in her home, truly seeing the moment that she was safe and felt loved. Princess began being leashed for walks, exploring more of the world, and then would enjoy coming home to relax on the couch for pets and cuddles! From where she started, to where she is now, we only wish Princess herself could tell us her life story!

Now around 2.5 years old, her foster mom brought Princess back home with her here in Connecticut, hoping to find Princess’s person to continue the love and care that she rightfully deserves. Given all that she endured, Princess needs a very patient person that wouldn’t mind visiting her over time to help build her trust and bond with you. She needs a fenced-in yard to have the space to run within a secure area. Princess would shine with another dog friend that has confidence and can help her continue to bloom! The progress she has made emotionally and behaviorally has been remarkable and a lot further than anyone expected! For such a special girl, she truly needs a special person and home! And despite all that she has been through, she still has a lot of love to give! To learn more about Princess, also known as Putri, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!

The Dodo also retells the story of Princess/Putri, which you can watch here!


  1. Susan King on December 7, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Gorgeous pup! And what a WONDERFUL rescuer! I’m forwarding this alert on to others in rescue-sure hope she finds a great home very soon.

  2. Cat Tailer (my real name)☺️ on December 7, 2021 at 9:59 am

    Beautiful girl but her eyes still show some grief. I’m sure that will change because of OC♥️

  3. Carole Brunell on December 7, 2021 at 1:23 pm

    So glad she is in good hands now, and life can only get better with each passing day. Thank you for all you do for those in need.