Featured Pet: Olive

Young Olive’s story started when she was found alone in her previous home, left behind by her previous owners. The owners had moved and didn’t take Olive with them, but it wasn’t until the new family moved in did they find Olive meowing in the attic. They contacted their local animal control officers where she was brought to the municipal shelter in search of her next home. Despite what she had experienced, she still was super friendly and sweet to her new human friends!

During this time, a woman was searching for a new feline friend for her middle-aged cat at home. She had another cat that had passed away and was hoping to find a cat companion for herself and her other cat. She came upon Olive, learning about her friendliness and playful side, and figured she’d be a great addition for her family and home! Olive was adopted earlier this year and her new owner began introducing her to her new feline sister.

However, her owner’s hopes for a harmonious home didn’t go exactly as well as she planned. Olive, estimated to be around two years old, was full of energy and life; wanting to play and have fun! The resident cat was overwhelmed by this new cat in her home, especially since she was more familiar with her senior sister that had just passed, who was more calm and quiet. Olive made the older cat more nervous and afraid, even though Olive meant no harm. The owner reached out to cat behavior experts for coaching and advice on how to integrate the two cats together and worked diligently to try and make this work. But after a considerable amount of time and effort, her resident cat continued to be stressed and hide most of the time away from Olive. The owner made the difficult decision to rehome Olive and reached out to Our Companions for help.

We welcomed Olive into our Rehoming Program, a program where we help locally-owned cats find a more suitable home to better fit their needs while they reside in their current home. Olive’s owner gave us lots of information about this sweet, fun-loving girl! She’s spayed, up to date with vetting, very healthy, and also has impeccable litter habits! She absolutely loves to play, whether independently or with her human friends, and enjoys her wand toys, fuzzy mice, or kitty kick sticks! She’s athletic and can jump very high to catch toys or to get on the top of her cat tree! She’s very smart too and appreciates working on her bumblebee snuffle mat, using her scent skills to find yummy treats! Olive can also be described as confident and curious; she can be glued to the window watching all the wildlife outside!

Olive would truly love a home where she can get plenty of play time and room to get the zoomies! Once she gets her exercise for the day, she’ll happily sit next to you for love and pets! Olive may be able to live with another cat, but they would also need to be confident, cat social, and match her high energy. Overall, Olive would make a wonderful companion for any home that can give her the love and attention she rightfully deserves! Her vibrant, adorable personality will brings lot of love and laughs to any home of her very own! To learn more about Olive, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!