Featured Pet: Hank

When he was just a pup, Hank was adopted by a lovely couple. Being a Lab/Great Pyrenees mix, little baby Hank turned into quite a big boy! He loved being with his friends and grew up to be a wonderful companion. He had an anxious side to him, but the guidance and confidence of his people gave Hank the confidence he needed to work through his nervousness.

Over the years, Hank went on plenty of adventures and loved creating memories with his friends! Whether it was going hiking, swimming, getting the zoomies, or even chasing snowflakes in the winter, Hank just appreciated living life by his people’s side! As he’s been getting older, he still enjoys adventurous activities, but makes sure there’s still time in the day for a good snooze!

A few years ago, Hank’s owners decided to start a family of their own and now Hank had two young siblings to share in the home. Before the children could walk, Hank handled the new additions fairly well, but as time went on, life proved too difficult for Hank to handle. His anxiousness escalated and his owners were worried that two young toddlers were putting too much stress on Hank. As they tried to manage the kids and Hank in the home, this left Hank being separated from his family throughout the day. Wanting to be around his family all the time, this started to stress out Hank even more. They were noticing Hank was stressed with his family and without his family and it wasn’t a life Hank deserved to live. After a considerable attempt to try and resolve tensions in the home, they ultimately decided that it was unfair for Hank to be stressed as he enters his golden years.

Knowing they wanted to find the perfect fit for Hank, but weren’t too sure how to do that alone, the couple reached out to Our Companions for assistance. Hank entered our rehoming program and we began our search to find a perfect match for this adorable guy! Hank is now 9 years old and around 110lbs, though he would greatly benefit with more exercise and enrichment! A fenced-in yard isn’t required, but with how large he is and how much he loves getting zoomies, it would be a huge plus for this big boy! As mentioned, he is a nervous dog, but he would greatly benefit being with someone that has confidence to ensure Hank feels safe so that he can enjoy his life! He would need adults only in the home, though older teens might work well too! Given some patience and love, Hank can warm up to new people and show his sweet, goofy, loveable side! You don’t want to miss out on such an absolutely awesome companion! If interested or to learn more about this handsome hunk, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!