Featured Pet: Fritz

Fritz’s story began when he was found outdoors with a serious bite wound on his neck that needed immediate attention. Thanks to the great efforts of the people who found him, he was able to receive the medical care he needed to survive. It was also discovered that Fritz was a friendly stray and must have socialized with people at some point in his life.

Given the wound of unknown origin, Fritz underwent a mandatory quarantine to ensure he didn’t contract rabies or other diseases. It was discovered that Fritz was FIV+, which is common from male, unneutered cats living outside. It’s unsure if he got it from the wound or from an unrelated incident, regardless cats with FIV can still live completely normal life expectancies and long, healthy lives. After getting neutered, he eventually came to the Sanctuary to continue the rest of his quarantine and to help him recover and prepare for a home.

Upon arrival, one thing was for sure- Fritz loved to play! It seemed like he had endless amounts of energy and just truly appreciated play sessions with his friends! From feather toys to balls to mice on a string, he loved chasing, leaping in the air, and having a blast! Estimated around two years old, he still had that young, playful personality just like a kitten!

During one play session however he seemed like he had a mild seizure-like episode and he was brought to the vet for tests and observation. After a number of tests and an ECHO, it showed that he had a mild diffuse left ventricular hypertrophy. No additional diagnostics or treatment at the time were recommended and no precautions prior to exam, but follow up ECHO’s are always recommended at six months then yearly to evaluate any progression of the disease. Though the diagnosis was a bit of a shock, we were grateful that we were aware of the condition. Besides this single episode, Fritz has never had an incident like that again. He also shows no signs of discomfort, lack of appetite or any other symptom to indicate he is unwell.  After some time with us, he had a follow up ECHO that showed there were no issues at all with his breathing or health.

Fritz continued to eat well, maintain a healthy weight, and was even becoming more affectionate and cuddly with his friends! Instead of starting off a play session when spending time with Fritz, he preferred some pets and possibly even a nap on your lap! One of this favorite spots to nap is in his “cuddle cup” which is a plush cat cave that he can snuggle in like a Fritz sandwich! As he started to feel better and trust in his people, he truly became a sweet companion to his human friends. He’s independent and laidback, but appreciates the love and attention his friends give him! In a home, Fritz would appreciate being your one and only pet so you can truly appreciate his vibrant, adorable personality! To learn more about this feline fella, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].