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Adoption Update: Nibs (Miffy) & Pig (Harley)

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Nibs and Pig are two Lionhead rabbit sisters that previously lived with a family when they were both about four months old. Over the course of the next year, the family’s dog became allergic to the rabbits and at times the sisters didn’t seem to get along, proving to be more difficult trying to keep peace between the two. The family knew that the pair were better off in a new home where they could be the only pets and with people to help work on their bonding. The family turned to Our Companions for help with Nibs and Pig in finding an excellent adopter, but to also help them stay together in their next home that would understand the sisters better. Thanks to our rehoming program, we were able to assist in finding their perfect match!

As the search went on, it was certainly proving to be a bit tricky to find a home that could adopt the pair together, as well as give them the proper care and situation that rabbits need to thrive and live a great quality of life. Still, the team knew the right people were out there and, after several months, an amazing couple proved to be above our expectations for the adorable duo! They completely understood the needs and care of rabbits, as well as the behavioral support and love that Nibs and Pig needed to be happy. After a couple of Zoom meetings and an in-person meeting, we knew their match has been found!

Our OC adoption team followed up with the couple to see how the sisters were settling in and to see if they needed any assistance or support. Though it was clear the couple went above and beyond to ensure Nibs and Pig had everything they needed to be comfortable and feel loved. Nibs had some soft stool, probably from the stress, but after a diet change and some time to relax, the pair were already grooming and bonding. They passed along lovely pictures and videos of the two cuties enjoying their play area and pen, adorning a wonderful carrot and bunny banner to help them know that they were home!

Our next check-in we found that their names were changed to Miffy and Harley, and were even responding to the names! This is what their mom and dad had to say about these two cuties:

“Nibs and Pig are doing well! We’ve changed their names which they respond to. Nibs is now Miffy and Pig is Harley (like Harlequin). We’re redoing the bonding since their first bond didn’t seem as solid as we anticipated. This is actually the first week we we’re able to leave them in a cage together while we slept next to them. Before we had to take turns on who would stay up at night to make sure there was no aggressive play. Harley (Pig) has now accepted to be more submissive and Nibs(Miffy) isn’t as demanding for grooming/licks from Harley. They’ve also grown very fond of us and allow us to pick them up easily for grooming which they’re really docile once they realize its spa time & butt checks for any stuck bits. We did weigh them just to make sure they’re not losing any weight since it’s hard to tell by feel and all their fur. They’re adorably clever and we see each of ourselves in both of them.”

Receiving this update just proved their amazing dedication and love they had for the pair! Though it hasn’t been long since their adoption, we are so happy to hear how well these sisters have been taken care of and how far they’ve come in such a short period of time. It’s times like these where we are inspired by the incredible commitment our adopters have towards these animals that need some extra love. It gives a glimmer of hope for other animals in need, knowing their perfect match is out there, ready to love and be adored!