Featured Pet: Dobby

Being only five years old, Dobby has experienced quite a life in such a short amount of time. Found initially as a stray in Louisiana, his leg was poorly mangled and unsalvageable. The vets then made the executive decision to amputate his leg. Surprisingly, dogs adapt fairly well on three legs, and especially given Dobby’s tenacity, he recovered quickly and developed a new groove- a bouncy walk to match his bubbly personality!

Dobby was then transported from Louisiana to Connecticut to a home with a cat. Given his high-prey drive, he proved to be too much to be safe around the cat.  With this unresolvable conflict, Our Companions was reached and once space was available, Dobby arrived to the Sanctuary. If you thought three legs would slow Dobby down, boy, you were wrong! Dobby was full of energy and life, always wanting to be a part of the action and ready for adventure! He truly enjoyed being an active guy- going out for walks and running (or more so bouncing) around in the play yard! When outside, Dobby loved sniffing all the scents on the trails, curious to his surroundings.

It was no surprise he made many friends given his outgoing personality. During his time at the Sanctuary, we were given the funds to purchase a set of wheels for Dobby! Though he doesn’t need the wheels wouldn’t be necessary for all his walks, the wheels will help alleviate his only leg in the front and give him more support on rougher terrain. As you can imagine, being strapped into a foreign vehicle can be quite scary! But to no surprise, Dobby took the challenge wholeheartedly, just proving his determination to live life to the fullest!

When it was time, Dobby found a wonderful home with two doggy brothers, one being blind. We took our time to make sure introductions were done properly. There were plenty of visits to the Sanctuary, field trips, home visits, and even slumber parties! All in all, it looked like the perfect match! Yet, as time went by in the home, Dobby was beginning to resource guard with the other dogs in the home. Though Dobby has always been a resource guarder, the stress of the other dogs in his home, especially with one being blind, it became much more difficult to manage. It was a difficult decision to make, but ultimately we decided it was time for Dobby to return to the Sanctuary for us to find his perfect match. Throughout his stay at the Sanctuary, Dobby went through several levels of training and even participates in our group walks with other dogs. He continues to be the full of life, fun-loving guy we know and love, but has also matured and grown into quite a lovely gentleman! He still greatly enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, but now takes his time sniffing all the smells and appreciates the companionship of his human friends. Dobby still has his signature bouncy walk, which you can see from a mile away, along with his big ears flopping in the air which almost seem to help keep him afloat! In a home, Dobby would appreciate a fenced-in yard to bounce in and a home as the only pet prince! He would love an active lifestyle and a family that would love to continue his training. There’s no doubt that Dobby has a lot of heart and he’s ready to share it with that special someone! If interested in Dobby, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].


  1. Alberta Richetelle on April 3, 2020 at 7:03 pm

    What a precious dog. Would love to give him a home but I think he would be too much for me. Btw I also have wheels I’ve used a wheelchair for past 60 years