Featured Pet: Brooke

From puppyhood to adulthood, Brooke had been through a lot in a short period of time. Within the first year of her life, Brooke went from living in Afghanistan to Pakistan to finally being brought to America where she hopped from one foster home to the next. Going from a puppy in the streets to living a domesticated lifestyle in a home in the States, Brooke was having a difficult time adjusting to this new way of life. Our Companions was contacted to discuss Brooke as a potential candidate for the Sanctuary to help this sweet, confused girl. We welcomed our doors to Brooke in April of 2018.

As you can imagine with all of these experiences, Brooke was very wary of people and her environment. She never quite understood the concept of living in a home and was very independent. She’s a curious dog and very inquisitive about her surroundings, but always kept her guard up. The Sanctuary was created just for unique, special cases like Brooke- a place to heal, a place to learn how to trust people and a place to feel safe and grow. We made sure Brooke had all the time she needed to understand that this was an environment she could relax and be comfortable. As time went on, Brooke began to let her guard down and accept a few friends in her circle. The small steps she took to trusting herself and her close friends was worth all the love and patience in the world! She learned that she can still be the intelligent, independent girl we loved, but she could also depend on her people for guidance when she was confused or scared.

Brooke’s favorite place to be is outside! Having lived a life on the streets as a puppy, she loves the great outdoors and the adventures that always await her! Though physical exercise is important for Brooke, so is mental exercise! She loves sniffing all the interesting scents on her walks and hunting for critters- and boy, is she a great huntress! Though rain and snow was certainly a climate she had to acclimate to, with a jacket in tow, she’ll comply to the New England weather as long as she gets to be outside! She runs likes the wind, doing laps around the play yards, and getting the zoomies! Seeing her happy, running free in a fenced-in yard, is certainly a must for Brooke!

Over the years, Brooke has come such a long way! She can still be cautious around new people and doesn’t appreciate socializing with other dogs, but once you form a bond with her, she makes an absolutely wonderful companion! Brooke has also gone through several levels of our positive reinforcement training classes and has excelled in each class! Though she’s far too smart and wanted more opportunities to be challenged! Staff provided plenty of mental enrichment, like scent activities or food puzzles, while spending time in the house to keep Brooke busy!

Many people ask why Brooke has been with us at the Sanctuary for so long and why she hasn’t found a home yet. Our adoption process is all based on match-making and finding Brooke’s absolute perfect match that will help her continue living her best life! Though she’s had a lot of interest throughout the years, we want to ensure we find the best lifestyle and home for Brooke to truly thrive with her person! Brooke continues to learn, grow, and has made significant progress each day and hopes to continue that progress in a home. She would appreciate someone that can give her guidance and patience to navigate through life, and in turn she’ll become a wonderful companion and your right-hand gal!

Brooke finds herself more mature and confident to start the next adventure of her life- finding a home! Having an active lifestyle full of enrichment, and of course a fenced-in yard, would give Brooke an opportunity to trust in her new home and with her new family!  She would thrive as your one and only pet and would love the chance to show off her intelligence with continued training! Brooke is certainly a one-of-a-kind girl looking for her one-of-a-kind person!  To learn more about beautiful Brooke, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].