Canine College Volunteer Program

The Canine College Program consists of a variety of volunteers who assist and instruct our rewards-based, positive reinforcement training classes at the Valerie Freedman Program Center in Manchester, CT. The focus of this program is to help our community members gain a greater understanding of their dogs. Oftentimes, group classes are the first step for community dogs who are in need of behavioral rehabilitation. Our goal is to keep dogs in their homes whenever possible and to create a safe environment in which clients and dogs alike can build confidence and trust in each other.

All volunteers are trained and supervised by certified animal professionals so they can feel confident working with clients in class settings and helping to resolve common behavioral problems.

Video Introduction to the Canine College Volunteer Program

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For volunteers, Canine College features:

  • Flexible Hours
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Network of Pet Professionals
  • Community of Animal Lovers
  • Free Part-Time Professional Internship*
  • CPDT-KA Certification Reimbursement*

To learn more about our volunteer program please view our Canine College Stages and Canine College Trainer Job Description.

*Available to long-term volunteers