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Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2023

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Aries lived a life outdoors until a person decided to take her inside their home when she was about a year old. The person also brought her “brother” Orion inside as well. The person took care of several community cats on her property and had a cat flap so these guys could go in and out as they pleased. Aries was described as not liking people whatsoever, but is bonded with Orion. Her owner unfortunately suffered a stroke and was no longer able to care for them and both Aries and Orion came to us in June 2023.

Current Status:

Aries is still pretty frozen and trying to settle in, but she is becoming more comfortable with staff working around her. Orion has taken the lead in coming out during the day, but Aries is starting to come out and move around in the evening time. Staff have been working with them often and she’ll get up out of her bed for treats now that are placed near her. Slow progress is still progress!