Ariel, Tiana, & Jasmine

Ariel, Tiana, and Jasmine were just small kittens when they were found alongside mom, Minnie, at an abandoned apartment. They were rescued by local animal control, but were brought to a foster home to provide more attention and care until they were placed. Our Companions was contacted and we welcomed the family of four to our Sanctuary in November of 2023. Ariel, Tiana, and Jasmine were estimated to be around 2 months old when they arrived. They have all settled in quite fast here with us and are playing pretty consistently throughout the entire day. They love exploring new things and having fun with their new friends! It’s very hard to tell the three kittens apart seeing as how they all look identical! They were all just recently spayed and recovery is going well. We hope we can keep these three Disney princesses together in a home where they can continue to grow and thrive!

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