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Adoption Update – Portia and Julius

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They look just like mom!

This adorable pair has a special place in our hearts because they were born right here at our Sanctuary! Look at them now, all grown up!

We were lucky enough to watch them grow and help them become the social, playful, healthy kitties they are today! Portia and Julius’s journey with us started in August, 2018 when their mom Cordelia made her way to the Sanctuary. She was abandoned with her first litter of kittens when their owner got evicted. We were all surprised to know that Cordelia was already pregnant with her second litter – she was barely a year old! She gave birth to her 2 little gray nuggets in September and we named them Portia and Julius, sticking with the Shakespeare theme.

To no one’s surprise, these two cuties weren’t with us for very long once they were old enough to leave mom. Portia (now Joni) and Julius were adopted by a family who included a laid-back dog and another playful kitty who was a few weeks older than our dynamic duo.

Frank the cat was so happy to get some kitty siblings! All 3 have really bonded and like to do everything together. If a member of the pack is missing, they’ll cry until they find each other! They’ve also happily accepted Isis the dog as a part of their crew.

Their family tells us they find all 4 snuggling together, but when they try to get a picture, the dog will sneak away (maybe she doesn’t want other dogs to see that her best friends are cats!)

Portia and Julius also wanted to let everyone know that their mom is STILL waiting for her own forever home! They can’t believe it – Cordelia is such a sweet girl. They’re so grateful she took such good care of them, and know it’s her turn to be spoiled with love! Learn more about our lovely Cordelia here.