Cordelia has had quite a busy life so far – which is saying a lot considering she’s only a year and a half old! She found her way to us from Manchester Animal Control. Her owners had been evicted and she, along with her 2 kittens, found themselves homeless. AND….Cordelia was pregnant again! We wanted to provide her with a safe, supportive environment to give birth and raise her new babies. So in August of 2018, we welcomed Cordelia and her 2 kittens, Romeo and Hamlet, at our Sanctuary.

We kept a close eye on Cordelia as she prepared to have her second litter. We wanted to make sure she was as healthy as possible! She gave birth to 2 little gray nuggets, who looked exactly like her. We named them Portia and Julius (sticking with the Shakespeare theme). Being a year old and still having the mentality of a kitten herself, Cordelia needed some guidance and encouragement to care for her babies. We made sure to give her a private space with limited visitors so she was able to focus on raising her little mini-me’s. And she did a great job! Portia and Julius grew up to be healthy, energetic, and super friendly, and it didn’t take long for them to be scooped up by their new family.

Since Cordelia was pregnant so early in her life, she won’t grow as much as other cats – so she’ll basically look like a kitten forever! This petite princess will run up to meet you and say hello as soon as you enter the room. Sweet Cordelia has so many headbutts to give, and likes to be right in your face to make sure you’re paying attention to her. She also makes an excellent assistant when you’re working on your computer (just beware – you’ll probably have to fix her typo’s!) She absolutely loves playtime, and will constantly make you smile with her adorable antics.

With all her kids gone on their own adventures, Cordelia is ready to be loved and pampered in a home all her own! She prefers to be the queen of her new castle, and be the only kitty. Do you think you can be her forever person? Please call 860-242-9999 or email!