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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2023

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Winston was trapped at 3 months old as part of a TNR project. He was transported from a Tennessee rescue and adopted out at 4 months old to a home with another cat. Unfortunately, Winston and the other cat in the home were not getting along due to Winston trying to play and his owner was overwhelmed with the situation. At about a year and a half old, Winston was surrendered to OC and arrived to our Sanctuary in July of 2023.

Current Status:

Winston is on the move! Since he was doing so well with staff and volunteers over at Minnie’s Mews we decided to move him over to the lower kitchen at Sebastian House. It took a few days, but he seems to be settled in now. He even got to meet some of the downstairs crew through a small gate. Once there were a few meet and greets through the gate, he was let out to freely explore and sniff the other kitties for a little while each morning. He did hiss a bit at the other cats, but he seems to be coming around to them. Hopefully soon he’ll be part of the free roaming crew down there!