What’s NOT New? – January Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

I’m sure that you’re all hearing it this time of year. New Year, New You! And as I look around the sanctuary, there is plenty of “New” to talk about. However, as all around we’re getting pushed and pulled to change, move, upgrade, whatever, it’s important to think about the things that aren’t new. The constant, the dependable, and the tried and true. The things that don’t need to change. So how about this? New Year, New Sanctuary, Same Mission!

There’s lots things new at the sanctuary right now. Of course, there’s the three new buildings: Twilight House, for senior and medically in need dogs, with the rehabilitation area, Minnie’s Mews for the growing shy and under socialized cat population, and Suzanne’s Place, for the small mammals in need of help. Then, there’s the new staff. We spent this last year reworking our staff structure to prepare for the expanded operations. This meant creating a new level of management with Jill, Dawn, and Heidi. We also grew some other elements of our operations with the start of cat specific evening staff and staff specializing in medical and behavioral planning and coordination. We’ve added lots of great people to the team who are accomplishing so much for our dogs and cats. Not to mention our new art installation and new arbor. There is so much new here, it has made for a very exciting time.

Ralph seeking affection, or perhaps treats!
Cole cozies up to his favorite staff at tuck-in each night

But then, there is also so much that is not new. Our commitment to take on the tough cases is still core to what we do. We have difficult medical challenges like Tater Tot’s leg amputation, Gumball’s and Arya’s diabetes, Palmer’s persistent GI trouble, and Penny’s mystery condition. As well, we have been working hard with behavior challenges like Milo’s mouthiness, Bootz’s barking, and shy guy Smudge. These cases take lots of work and lots of time, but they are so worth it in the end.

In addition to our commitment to the animals, our commitment to people never changes. There is no helping animals without building up people. Whether it’s our staff, our volunteers, or our clients, every person we interact with is treated with care and compassion and is seen as a vital piece of the puzzle in moving our mission forward. So, while some things move unstoppably forward, some things, happily, never change.

Smudge is content relaxing in his cozy sanctuary home
Gumball braves the cold with a warm jacket donated by a favorite volunteer pal

Sweet Talk

Hi Everyone!

It’s your favorite twins back with more sweetness for you! As you probably know, change is a bit of a dirty word for most cats and dogs. So this talk of keeping things sure and steady is music to our fuzzy ears. It means so much to all of the four leggers at the sanctuary that, day in and day out, we can count on a healthy dose of playtime and snuggles from all of you wonderful volunteers. Seeing faces we know and trust back week after week, and sometimes even more often, helps us let our guards down and really be our adorable selves. So if you have any “new you” plans this new year, just make sure your same old visits to the sanctuary remain a part of it. We’re waiting for you!

See you soon!

Meringue and Marshmallow

And of Course…Adoptions!!

The cold is starting to settle in, but moves in and out of the sanctuary are still hot. On the cat side, our purrfect Purl went home in January, and we were able to welcome in Pecan Pie and Harley. For the dogs, our newest resident, Sophie, has started making herself at home.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director

[email protected]