Thank You So Much – November Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

For the last few months, I’ve been using these updates to take some (hopefully) entertaining left turns, highlighting things like out Board of Directors and other more unusual topics. But with the holiday season upon us, it’s time to shift the focus back to the heart and soul of the sanctuary, our volunteers. At this time of appreciating those around us, I’d like to recognize all the big and little things that our volunteers do to make this place work.

We are so lucky to have so many people who care so much about what we do and work so hard to support us. Our volunteers put in hundreds of hours walking the dogs, playing with the cats, and caring for the dogs and cats in the evenings. As well, our yard care volunteers put in lots of time in tough conditions to make sure the grounds stay useful and beautiful. But then there’s all the little things as well. There’s Frances and Terry making cards for the cats and dogs who get adopted. Clyde keeping us well supplied with apples all fall. Annie, Nancy, Michelle, and Chris taking the dogs on little car rides, and the cat cleaning crew volunteers helping keep the cottages clean. And no end to the sweets and goodies that end up in the dog and cat cottages to perk up the staff’s day. We’re so grateful to each and every one of you for making this place so special for the animals and for us.

Thank You So Much!!!

Volunteer Shannon with Scout after his surgery.
Volunteer Frances snuggling up to Simon
Volunteer Kathie P poses with Gummy for the perfect picture!
Volunteer Tyler gave Purl much needed pets!

I’d also like to send out a special thank you this month. I get lots of compliments on these updates, but a big part of the credit goes to one of Canine Caregivers, Courtney Pugh. Every month, I tell her the theme of the update and she jumps to work arranging all of the photos and graphics. It’s a big help, and she does a much better job of it than I would. Thanks, Courtney!!

Simon Says

Hi Everyone!

As you all know by now, my office buddy Simon passed away this month. He was our first ever Feline Leukemia positive cat at the sanctuary, and we knew before we brought him in that his health would be precarious and we could lose him at any moment. As always, the Our Companions staff and volunteers did not let these concerns stop them. All that mattered was that Simon was a sweet, happy cat that needed a loving place to stay. It was great to see how happily everyone took on the challenge of keeping him healthy. I got to see as people meticulously washed their hands before seeing him, and showed so much care to not expose him to harmful germs, never once complaining about the inconvenience. Simon became a bit of a celebrity here, especially with the dog staff who had their meetings in my office and would compete to see who would get more of his attention. But his appeal to everyone wasn’t based on his condition. It was based on his gentle and loving way. It was all another example of what makes Our Companions special. Many would not be willing to open their hearts to a case with such a risk for an unfortunate outcome. But the only thing that matters here is whether or not we can help. If we can, we do, whether its pets with challenging medical problems, like Penny, Linus, or Arya, or complex behavioral concerns, like Milo or Shazam! Tragically, Simon suffered a sudden and rapid decline in his kidney function, likely brought on and exacerbated by his condition. We kept him as healthy and happy as we could, but is was quickly time to say goodbye.

I want to thank you all for continuing to help us take on these challenging pets, and for doing it with a smile. It’s what makes this such a special place to be.


And of Course…Adoptions!!

For the month of November, volunteer favorite Reddi-Whip marched his giant paws out of here and into his forever home. Unfortunately, shy guy Oakley has returned to us, but he is settling back in really well.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director

[email protected]