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TT 072922

Tater Tot

Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2022

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Tater Tot is a 1 ½ year old Cockapoo, and comes to us from a local animal control facility where he was picked up as a stray. Once he was in their care, they realized that he was underweight, matted and had a broken leg! His owner was found and the cause of the break was a fall down a flight of stairs when a child landed on him. The owner signed him over to animal control and we are happy to have him join us for a new start. 

Current Status:

Since Tater Tot arrived we have had numerous consultations with orthopedic surgeons to determine the best way to deal with his broken leg. We finally have decided that because it’s been so long since the accident, and the fact that his legs are different lengths now due to the injury, that it would be best to amputate his leg. Choosing that surgery will be much easier on him, and will allow him to go home so much faster than if we elected for a risky surgery to repair the leg. Once Tater heals from his surgery he will be ready to go home. We will be looking for him to be an only dog in the home and for someone who will take him for regular chiropractic adjustments—something that is vital for tripod dogs.