Spring Cleaning – March Sanctuary Update

What a wonderful feeling! Putting away the gloves and fuzzy hats.
Shedding a few layers of coats and sweaters. Yes, we have spring, and it
couldn’t have come too soon. The cats are headed back out on to their
catios, and our more weather sensitive dogs are headed back out into the wilds of the sanctuary. And the humans as well are happy to substitute
mud for ice. But as the snow cover recedes, we start looking around at all of the cleanup that winter has left us with, and all of the spring and
summer projects on the agenda.
As always with Our Companions, it’s our volunteers and community
support that we rely on most of all to keep this place running. We have a
dedicated group of yard care volunteers who come in throughout the
spring, summer, and fall to mow our lawns, weed trim around the edges, and keep back the brush and overgrowth. Whether they come weekly, or monthly, or something in between, it’s a huge help to keeping this place
usable by the animals and volunteers. If you’re interested in helping out
this year, or know someone who might be willing to lend a hand, please
contact me at [email protected] and I’ll get you on the team.
Then, of course, we have our various work groups who come throughout the year for a day to work some big outdoor projects. Whether it’s the
Lowe’s hardware crew, UCONN’s Alpha Phi Omega students, or the
Mansfield Mustangs kids community service group, these teams of
helpers always make a huge impact. Again, if your are part of, or know
of, a group who may want to come help out for a day, just let me know at
[email protected].
With March coming and going, we’ve have actually experienced the best kind of spring clean out. Lots of adoptions!
On the dog side, we had three great placements. Our big limping love bug, Zuzu, got her knee surgery done and went right home with a terrific
family that we’re sure will get her back to tip top shape. And then, both of the sassy sisters, Amber and Estie, found their way to fantastic homes,
with a quiet family life for Amber and a life of outdoor hiking adventures for Estie. That made room for big, boisterous Dodger to move in, as well
as the sibling fluffballs, Pippa and Max.
In the cats, after a little winter lull, we’re back to a flood of cats coming in and cats going home. The big news, of course, was when our four-year
resident, Tabby, finally found the forever home to care for her and
“eccentricities.” We were also overjoyed to see Barnaby, Lucky, and Sonny and Cher go to great homes this March. Moving in this month were
Amelia, Baxter, Alden and Suri, Leonard, Zeke, and April.
Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.


  1. Sharon on April 13, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    I am ecstatic that she had been adopted! She is a character and fun loving and her new fur ever family will be overjoyed having her in their life!
    Enjoy your new life Estie because you so deserve to be loved!!!