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Sanctuary Arrival Date

February 2022

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Smudge was living outdoors when a caretaker took him into her home. She was able to work on socialization him, despite his extreme shyness. She knew she couldn’t keep him forever because of her other cats, so she looked for somewhere else for him to go as he continued to progress.

Current Status:

Smudge seems to be pretty comfortable in his room now, sleeping more out in the open and coming closer to staff during feeding time. He loves the wire mouse toy and the worm toy dangled around his cat tree. He enjoys listening to bird sounds and lounging in his window bed. Lately, he has been coming more out in the open for treats, coming just inches away from staff! He also has been napping more in and on his cat tree where he is a little more exposed. He seems to be trusting us more and more! We have also started working with a long handled brush to see if he’ll want to except some sort of touching soon. He is doing great so far and has even sniffed some people’s hands!