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Sanctuary Arrival Date

March 2020

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Background Story:

Nervous and scared Skip was abandoned with his friend Cornbread outside in a carrier. Animal control brought them to the vet for a quick check and some vaccinations and he traveled to the Sanctuary shortly after. Having no history for him we noticed he still was not acting well and quickly had him back to the vet to discover that he was a diabetic.

Current Status:

Skip’s been enjoying the play yard, but on windy days the shaded canopy flaps in the breeze and for some reason, Skip’s terrified of it! He scurried back into the carrier and wouldn’t come out again. We’ll have to take him out on calmer days!

Adoption Info:

A handsome man who likes to cuddle, play and is quite laid back, meet Skip! He is around 10 years old and is a perfect gentleman. Skip is diabetic and requires insulin injections twice a day however he doesn’t mind them at all and has a great appetite. He and his housemate Cornbread get along, so if you are looking for 2 boys, they might be the ones. They are not a required pair as they don’t seem particularly bonded but they’d be happy to go home together. If you think you could be his forever home contact or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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