Rx Gift Card Drive Success!

With budget planning and construction of the cottages almost complete, Our Companions always likes to be five steps ahead in ensuring we are fully prepared and capable to care for our guests and pets in our community. Reflecting back at our Sanctuary budget and preparing for what has yet to come, we realized that the largest portion of the budget was actually for food, particularly prescription food! As many pet owners that have pets on prescription food may know, it can get quite costly and prices were increasing. And, as many of you also know, prescription food can an absolute necessity to a pet’s well-being and health. Therefore, the Sanctuary crew got together and decided to create a fundraiser to help alleviate costs and to better prepare for future guests that might need this special diet!

We introduced Dinner Date with a Sanctuary Guest at the start of April, asking our community to donate Chewy gift cards to help with the costs of prescription food for our special needs animals. Guests like Arya, who is diabetic, or Ralph, who is susceptible to urinary blockages, or Rosie, who need support with kidney function, all require a prescription diet to ensure proper function of their organs, bodies, and overall health. In our website announcement, we even discussed Gumball’s story and journey towards a healthier, happier life now that he’s with us at the Sanctuary. It’s incredible how much of an impact a nutritious, balanced diet can make on an animal that needs it to prevent falling ill or unwell, and we’re incredibly grateful we’re able to help every animal in their journey towards feeling happy and whole.

Well, we asked and you delivered! We were able to raise over $1,775 in Chewy gift cards- how amazing! It is completely above and beyond what we could’ve ever imagined. There are a lot of full bellies and full hearts at our Sanctuary thanks to all of you that contributed and we truly appreciate it! We also want to thank Ralph and Wavy Gravy for being wonderful participants during our dinner date video on Instagram, as well as Arya that was more than happy to participate! Though the fundraiser is technically over, moving forward we will continue to accept any Chewy gift cards for our Sanctuary guests! Gift cards can be sent to [email protected]  for online gift cards or they can be dropped off at our Valerie Friedman Program Center, Tuesday through Friday from 9AM-2PM. Thank you again for your support and love!