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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2021

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Background Story:

In June of 2019 Ralph’s original owner returned home after being away for two weeks to find that Ralph was very ill.  The owner quickly brought Ralph to the vet where it was discovered that he had a urinary blockage.  Unable to afford his care the owners signed him over to the vet and Ralph had PU surgery at that time.  He joined the Sanctuary after his surgery in June and had spent quite some time recovering.  Despite continuing to cope with some complications from the surgery he did quite well socially.  He was adopted over a year later but unfortunately was not able to get along with another cat in the home and returned to the Sanctuary in July 2021.

Current Status:

Ralph is doing well in his new room at Jane’s Place and loves spending time out on his catio. The new catio he has gets a lot of great morning sun so he’s out there basking in it most mornings! He doesn’t try to escape his room as much now and seems very content when people visit him. He’s been a very quiet, laid back boy lately!

Adoption Info:

Ralph is an 8 year old male that is nothing short of purrfection! He’s very playful, handsome, loves attention and occasional belly rubs and even has a bit of fun mischief in him, he’ll be sure to keep you entertained! He loves to eat and will chatter up a storm and trill when he’s about to get food. He’s looking for his forever home where he can be loved and have lots of playtime. Ideally he will do best as an only pet to be king of his castle. If you think you could be his forever person please contact [email protected] or 860-242-9999 ext. 302

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