palmer 060222e


Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2022

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Palmer is about 14 years old and has bounced around a few homes prior to coming to the Sanctuary. The first two owners passed away and the third owner is no longer able to care for him. He was surrendered to animal control and didn’t do well with all the barking dogs and appreciated a quieter lifestyle. Despite all that he’s been through, he does like being pet and is social with people..

Current Status:

Palmer has been seeking attention and affection a lot more these days! He will sit on his small cat tree stoop by the door and meow, once someone goes in he will immediately curl up on the couch with them for cuddles. He loves to nap in his window bed and in small bed on the couch, but will always accept pets even when snoozing. Some volunteers discovered he likes to play with solo toys tossed around, kind of like a soccer game!