Nikki June 2023 (1)


Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2023

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Shy girl Nikki has been passed around from home to home throughout her life. She was rehomed twice due to being too stressed out with the other pets in the home. Her previous owner became allergic to her and has been unable to care for her, leaving Nikki to be rehomed for a third time. With all of this transition, Nikki has become quite timid, but has showed signs of affection in a short period of time. Now a senior, we’re hoping to offer a safe place for Nikki where she can feel love, comfortable and can thrive.

Current Status:

Nikki has become pretty comfortable in her room by now and has made more friends! She is a shy girl, but if you’re quiet, she’ll come right out and sit with you for hours! She’s not much of a player, but she loves to cuddle. She’ll curl herself up right against your leg and just purr away. She sometimes will still get spooked by hallway noises, but she is slowly getting used to more noises.