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Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2023

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Background Story:

Prior to her arrival, Nikki has been passed around from home to home throughout her life. She was rehomed twice due to being very stressed with the other pets in the home. Her previous owner became allergic to her and was unable to care for her, leaving Nikki to be rehomed for a third time. With all of this transition, Nikki has become quite timid and nervous. We welcomed Nikki to our Sanctuary in 2023 at the age of 12 to offer her a safe, nurturing place where she can thrive.

Nikki surprised us with how well she settled into her new room! She is shy, but if you sit quietly in her room for a few minutes, she’ll happily come out of hiding to seek attention and pets from you! She absolutely loves her bed by the window where there is lots of sunlight to soak up! Staff are trying to find toys that will encourage her to play, but she’s a happy girl with cuddles, lap naps, and being brushed! We hope we can find a lovely, quiet home for her where she can be loved and adored!

Adoption Info:

If you’re seeking a sweet, affectionate companion, Nikki may be just the one for you! This beautiful, shy girl has much love to share and would really love to form a special bond. She enjoys being near her person or on a lap, basking in the sun and chirping at the birds. A quiet only pet home with a patient person who will allow her time to acclimate will be ideal for Nikki to thrive. While she’s more couch buddy than athlete, Nikki does enjoy playing with string, her laser toy and catnip mice and has been known to leave them inside shoes! She also enjoys receiving pets and affection and happy to have her lovely coat brushed. To learn more about sweet 13 year old Nikki, please contact [email protected] or 860-242-9999 x 302.

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