Hi Everyone!
Spring is here! And just as in nature, things at the sanctuary just keep growing and changing. Here’s a quick look at some of the news on the two-leggers here.

First, a good news/bad news scenario. The sanctuary team has not one, but two future veterinarians in our midst. One of our Evening Caregivers, Rosemary, and one of our Feline Relief Caregivers, Victoria, have both been accepted to veterinary school for next year! This is a huge accomplishment, and we are very proud of them both. And we’re very excited to have the Our Companions vision spreading out into the world. Unfortunately, since the commute to Oklahoma and Illinois is a bit excessive, this means that they will both be leaving the team. We will miss their great work and smiling faces, but wish them the best of luck.

So with these two upcoming changes, in addition to Lucas’s promotion to our first ever Sanctuary Canine Volunteer Assistant, and some other staff moves, it was time to bring on some new faces to the sanctuary team. Here’s a look!

First up is our three new Relief Caregivers, two for dogs and one for cats. On the cat side, Josie has come on board to help care for the cats. Josie is an art student with a love for lots of different critters. Luckily, since Josie the cat doesn’t hear very well anyway, there hasn’t been too much confusion with the names.

On the dog side, we have Katelyn and Rayn joining the fun. Katelyn is a former dental worker with lots of personal experience making dogs smile. And Rayn comes to us after putting in a lot of time with the Canine College team out at the Manchester Program Center. We’re very excited to have them all pitching in with the dogs and cats of the sanctuary.

Lastly, we have the newest of new team members, Allisia. As we start getting ready for the coming expansion, as well as adjusting for the kind of troubled dogs that we have coming our way, it was time to bring on some more behavioral assistance and experience at the sanctuary. Allisia comes to us with several years of experience working with shelter dogs in other parts of the country. She’s getting to know our canine crew now, and you’ll soon be seeing her out and about and working to make the sanctuary an even happier place for the dogs.

Ripley’s Corner Office
Hi Everyone!
Ripley here. Many of you know me as Jon’s office cat, though I prefer to think that I’m allowing him a work space in my room. This spot at the corner of Sebastian House has a great view of all the goings on at the sanctuary, but since Jon is often out and about, I thought I would put in my two cents about what I see from my perches.

Like many of you, I’m very excited that Spring has come. Getting out on my catio on a warm day is a joy that can’t be beat. It has also warmed my furry heart to see all of the staff and volunteers get to enjoy this weather, too. I’ve seen you all winter, in your bulky coats and hats, braving the wind, snow, and ice to come here and spend time with us cats and dogs. I want you to know how much all of us furry friends appreciate your dedication to us here. It means so much to have you brighten our days, no matter what the weather brings. You deserve all of this lovely springtime, and I hope you get out enjoy lots of it, both here with us and with your furry friends at home. Thanks so much!!

And of Course…Adoptions!!
March was another active month for comings and goings at the sanctuary. In the dogs, Belle went to her furever home, and we welcomed another little one, Roary, to join us. In cats, Millie went home, and we brought onboard Ren, Oliver, and our new mama cat, Opal. Pictures of her babies will be coming soon!

We also suffered a tough loss this month with the passing of Pumpkin. She had a rough time here with all of her health problems, but she braved all of that adversity and never lost her loving nature. we will miss her.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.
Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director



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