New Faces for a New Year – December Sanctuary Update

Happy New Year! It’s been an exciting year filled with changes and new experiences. We opened one of the two new dog cottages, as well as the little slice of cat nirvana we call Jane’s Place. We brought on some great new staff and made big improvements to our volunteer programs. And thanks to a generous donation from Christine, the wonderful donor who named Love Shack, we made some lovely improvements to our gardens. Most importantly of course, we’ve have found homes for such special friends as Quincy, Nimbus, Mitch, and Tripp. It’s been amazing to see the new heights we’ve been able to achieve through the combined efforts of our staff, volunteers, and donors.

So now we can look at what’s to come for 2019. We’re putting into full use our fourth dog cottage to be able to help even more precious pooches. This means a few more new faces on our staff. Maddie will be working evenings caring for both dogs and cats. Ashley will be working part time with the Chris’s Cottage dogs, and Taylor has joined the cat care team. Welcome aboard!                                            

We’ve got some big projects in the works for the year ahead. We have some initiatives in the works to expand and stabilize our volunteer participation. We’ll be exploring educational opportunities to make sure our staff has all the latest expertise at their disposal. And with the continuing support of Christine, we’ll be looking to add some more shade for the dogs and beautify the more desolate looking areas around Jane’s Place left behind by the construction. Also, while there won’t be any more expansion at the sanctuary for some time, stay tuned for exciting work Our Companions will be doing to prevent pet homelessness in the first place, so fewer pets end up needing to come here. Here’s looking ahead to another fantastic year of helping dogs and cats!

So now on to the comings and goings for the month of December. It was a slow month, without much traffic in or out of the sanctuary, but that will all be changing in January! Our only adoption was Maple, and we had the arrival of the Buff Kittens, Charlie, Alpha, Tango, and Sierra.


Thank you all so much for all you’ve done this year to make it so successful. We are so grateful to you all.
Jon Phillips
Sanctuary Director