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Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2020

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Five year old Missy has come to the Sanctuary from Southington Animal Control. She had been adopted out but then returned to them. They contacted Our Companions after it was decided that they would only release her to a rescue. Missy was part of our Adopt a Shelter program prior to Covid-19 stopping most of the activity in that program, and she was a star student! We are excited to have her join us so that we can get to know her all over again.

Current Status:

We have a new behavior project that we are going to use Missy as part of. It is speculated that in some dogs the zoomies (running around madly) they do that we routinely think of as joy, could be a sign of stress. We are going to track her walk behavior and whether she pulls on the leash, or if she’s stopping and not wanting to go on a walk correlates in any way to her getting zoomies out in the play yards. It will be an interesting thing to track. Overall you can’t get a dog more happy and full of life as Missy is, still the Sanctuary isn’t a home and Missy would love a home to call her own.