MIssy 043022


Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2020

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Five year old Missy has come to the Sanctuary from Southington Animal Control. She had been adopted out but then returned to them. They contacted Our Companions after it was decided that they would only release her to a rescue. Missy was part of our Adopt a Shelter program prior to Covid-19 stopping most of the activity in that program, and she was a star student! We are excited to have her join us so that we can get to know her all over again.

Current Status:

Missy was adopted in August, but unfortunately the adoption did not work out, so they returned her to the Sanctuary. We were happy to take her back, but sad that the home did not work out. Turns out that Missy needs a longer acclimation to a new home. She’s been living in a sheltered environment for so long that it was a shock to be given so much freedom so quickly. So, we are still looking for a home for her, but her next adopter needs to be able to give her more time to acclimate to her new home by doing lots of visits and overnights so that she can start to be comfortable in her new home before leaving us.