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Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2020

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Background Story:

3 year old Missy has come to the Sanctuary from Southington Animal Control. She had been adopted out but then returned to them. They contacted Our Companions after it was decided that they would only release her to a rescue. Missy was part of our Adopt a Shelter program prior to Covid 19 stopping most of the activity in that program, and she was a star student! We are excited to have her join us so that we can get to know her all over again.

Current Status:

Missy is working on her leash walking skills, and general manners when she gets excited. She’s been known to head bump people if they lean over her before she’s fully bonded to them. There doesn’t seem to be a mean bone in her body towards people, but she can be a bit of a steam roller with her excitement, and doesn’t understand how big she is. She is currently attending Family Companion 1 classes in Manchester, and she’s super smart and is excelling in the class.

Adoption Info:

We are happy to add Missy to our adoptables!! She has been living at the Our Companions Sanctuary now for almost 6 months and she is now ready for her own home!
She is the cutest black and white pit bull but then we are a bit biased! When she first came to us from a local animal shelter she was just learning to leash walk, to be polite when greeting people. She is still a bit of a work in progress on both of those but she is super smart and is catching on fast! She simply gets so excited to meet new people!
Some of her favorite things are running in one of the play yards-be careful and protect your knees as she is a bit of a bull in a china shop when she gets the zoomies, forgets just how big she is!! After a good work out she is happy to come back in, rest up in her crate, or cuddle on the couch. Like any self respecting pit, she is a hard chewer so tough toys are her fave! She does however take treats very gently so we know she has a soft side too!
She does have some specific requests for her new home-she'd like a single family home (no apartments or condos), be the only animal, active teens or adults, a family that is well versed in pit bull ways, a 6' fence with a yard to run it!
Stats: 3 yo, 50 lbs, crate trained.
If you would like to know more about this gorgeous gal please call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 860-242-9999 or e-mail to helpline@ourcompanions.org

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