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Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2020

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Background Story:

Missy previously resided at a municipal shelter where she was adopted to a home and was sadly returned after an issue with another dog. The shelter decided that they would no longer have Missy up for adoption and would only release her to a rescue. We were familiar with Missy due to her being a part of our Adopt-a-Shelter program and was a star student with our volunteers! Once we had space, we invited Missy to our Sanctuary at 3 years old in 2020. Her bubbly personality voted her Class Clown amongst staff and volunteers! For two years, Missy continued to be a star student in training class, learning how to be less reactive around other dogs, how to be polite meeting new people, and how to walk nicely on leash. We found a family with young children that was head over heels in love with Missy and we decided to move forward with the adoption after several meetings with the family. Unfortunately, the young children were too excitable for Missy to handle in a home and she was brought back to our Sanctuary after a couple weeks.

Now learning more about Missy, we can continue to work on her training and her experience with more real world situations in a home. In the last year, Missy’s training with other dogs has progressed so much and she now has a couple friends, Neo and Milo, at our Sanctuary that she socializes with! They’ve been enjoying each other’s company and will often look for each other when they go for walks to see if their friends will join them! With her training progressing well and our understanding of Missy’s needs more than before, we are now ready to continue her search for a home of her very own.

Adoption Info:

Missy is the life of the party! This 6 year old, 50lb Pitty is super smart, loves getting the zoomies, and simple loves having fun! Missy enjoys learning new things, like walking with a loose leash and greeting people politely (she gets very excited meeting new people!), and would appreciate someone who could continue her training in a home!

Some of her favorite things are running in one of the play yards- she can be a bit of a bull in a china shop when she gets the zoomies and forgets just how big she is! After a good work out, she is happy to come back in, rest up in her crate, or cuddle on the couch. Like any self respecting pit, she is a hard chewer so tough toys are her fave, however she take treats very gently and loves couch snuggles with her friends!

She does have some specific requests for her new home- she'd like a single family home (no apartments or condos), be the only animal, adults only, a family that is well versed in pit bull ways, and a 5ft fence with a yard to run it! She would also appreciate someone to help her slowly transition to her new home and family!

If you would like to know more about this gorgeous gal, please call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 860-242-9999 or e-mail to [email protected].

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