Kobe 4-14-23 e


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Background Story:

Kobe is a cute, silky black 1 ½ yo English Cocker Spaniel looking for his perfect match!

Adoption Info:

Spring is finally here and he is so happy to be able to go outside and sniff the grass and run to his heart's content. Belly rubs and cuddling are his next favorite things! All dogs do well will continued positive training and he has proved that. He now knows how to spin, crawl, roll over, give paw, give other paw. Just imagine all the things that you can help him learn! His new home should be in a quieter dog experienced home with older teens and or adults, no other animals. He is nervous around children. As can happen with many cockers, he does bark at comings and goings of visitors, he alerts to sounds, so a single family home instead of an apartment or a condo would be best. A fenced in yard would be a huge plus. . Kobe is large for a cocker at 40 lbs. He is not crate trained but is experienced with gates. To learn more about this handsome boy, please call Our Companions Animal Rescue at 860-242-9999 or e-mail [email protected].

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