Keeping It Green – August Sanctuary Update

Hi Everyone!

It may not feel like it yet, but summer is showing signs of drawing to a close. It’s a little darker in the morning and the evening. And the breezes have been a little cooler. Summer is a great time at the sanctuary. The dogs and cats get out on bigger adventures. The staff gets to enjoy the outdoors. And entertaining wildlife is everywhere you look. But none of the joys of summer at the sanctuary would be possible without the hard, sweaty work of our Facilities Caretaker, Tom, the team of dedicated yard care volunteers, and the newest member of the facilities team, Facilities Caretaker Scott. Lawn mowing barely scratches the surface of all they do. They tend the gardens, keep the play yards from getting engulfed in brush, keep the trails clear, and keep the dog cottages yards from being covered in weeds. We also had some special projects this year, like the addition of new half doors to Chelsea House and Henree House, and the new trail markers. None of what we do here would be possible without the workers keeping this beautiful piece of land in good condition. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tom, Scott, Jim and Chris, Jeff, Kyle, Michelle, CJ, Chris, Darius, Deb, Diane, and Katie.

Kyle weed whacks at the Sanctuary by the parking lot while Tom mows it to perfection!
Jeff is spotted mowing the lawns at our Sanctuary! Our fields as well as play yards require regular mowing in the summer months for the dogs to enjoy!
Scott putting up a new shade in Willow’s room.
Jim and his wife Chris worked on weeding the gardens outside of the dog cottages. Thank you for making them so gorgeous!
Long time cat volunteer Michele also spends time caring for the gardens.

Simon Says

The vacations are winding their way down.  Special projects are either getting completed or forgotten about. School is starting.  Things all seem like they’re beginning to return to the normal routine.  That can have it’s good points and bad points, but one thing that I’m sure will add a bright spot to your normal routine is regular visits to the sanctuary.  Just knowing that, whatever your daily grind entails, you’ll soon be in the company of a dog or cat that not only enjoys being with you, but relies on the compassion of people like you to heal and thrive, can add a sparkle to any day.  Sign up now, and if you don’t currently have a regular visit time, consider setting one up.  It really helps us, and will be the best part of your normal routine.  See you soon!



And of Course…Adoptions!!

The August heat seems to have slowed everything down, including adoptions. The only change has been the arrival of our boisterous boy, Milo.

And, unfortunately, we had another loss for the cat team.  Gromit came in as part of trio, with Wallace and Totti, of distressed cats from a hoarding case.  Their health and behavior statuses were unsure when they arrived, and Gromit’s health deteriorated rather quickly after their arrival.  These cases are difficult, but they are a risk we take when we reach out to help those cats in the most need.

Thank you all so much for whatever way you support us and our mission. We couldn’t do it without you.

Jon Phillips

Sanctuary Director